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As parents, we are blessed with the freedom to select the educational environment for our children.  While public or private school may be available to you, if you have chosen the home school environment, you have some added challenges in selecting curricula, establishing a schedule, and maintaining records of your schooling.  I hope to offer suggestions to you that have been developed in the process of my family's home schooling adventures through the past many years.

For those who automatically think of textbooks when you hear the word education, there is information about various Teaching Approaches. The Resources page offers links to other sites and information about materials that I have found helpful in my home schooling efforts.  The Sonlight page offers information pertaining to the curriculum that I have used for the past 12 years, as well as suggestions for recordkeeping, high school transcripts and general use.

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Perhaps you are just exploring homeschooling as a possibility for your family and wonder whether you have what it takes, or exactly how homeschooling moms actually do it?  Sonlight has made a variety of podcasts available to answer these and other questions.  Listen on your computer or download them and take them along while you multitask!